Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I started this blog so I could display what I love to do. Three years ago I started a story that amazinly I'm still working on. (But only because of the help and pursuasion of my good friend Ashley)
Before that, I have had a knack at poetry. I always loved it because even in a story you can't always display your feelings. I sometimes write about nature and hidden feelings, but I mostly write love poems. I still write poems but I try to stay on top of my story.

Here is an example of the poetry I write

Love is a flower

When two love birds sing,
people would stop to listen.
When the flowers bloom
In the spring the colors
Are glorious.
But why won’t people stop
To admire a couple
Whose love is as wonderful
As a song?
Even though a new love
has bloomed within
two people, why don’t people
think it’s as colorful as the
A song comes from the
Only love who comes from
The heart can be
Love sprouts just like
a flower.
But it all depends on
How strong your love is.
Strong love makes it colorful;
But a weak love

Later I will give you a clip of my story